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Apostle Emmanuel Maiyaki is a Shepherd with a profound prophetic insight into the realm of the invisible world. He has an Apostolic mandate upon his life to deliver the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world. He has had over 18 years background as a Christian minister, prophetic service, church leadership. Apostle Maiyaki has had several angelic visitations including our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. These encounters with the invincible world has manifested in several miracles during some of his ministration. He has produced many informative resources through the Medias of tapes, videos, CD's and DVD's. You will find him to be sincere, genuine, generous, honest, and real. His teachings are motivated by love this he expresses in many ways by applying the scripture to real life.

Prophetic Declaration for the Year  2018 by Apostle Maiyaki

It is with joy that I write to welcome you into this New Year of new beginnings in your life. The Lord has specifically promised that this year because He is the One that causes your lamp to be lighted and to shine, He will make every darkness (confusion, absence of light, insecurity, fear, ignorance, evil entities and everything that limits your vision of what God has for you) to become light. You may have spent the past in captivity like the children of Israel did for seven years until the Lord sent them a deliverer named Gideon (Judges 6) but the Lord will want you to know that your Deliverer named Jesus will show up in your situation this year.

I stand as an Apostle to declare to you the oracle of God for 2014; this year shall be for you a year of:

  • Actualisation of things that you have been waiting for.
  • Clarity where God will cause you to know His mind in aspects of your life.
  • Visualisation where you get to see physical manifestations of things prayed for.
  • Revelation in the knowledge of God’ word.
  • Intimacy with Jesus that you will take you to an entire new level in Him.

I am very confident that the Lord Who has promised these things will surely bring them to pass in your life because He is faithful and just to fulfil His promise to His children.

Yours in His Service,
Apostle Emmanuel Maiyaki